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South Jersey Home Inspection

Although we take the utmost care to make sure that your home is delivered with zero defects, we understand that warranty service after the sale is inevitable. That’s why we stand behind everything we do and our customer service department is the envy of our peers.

Every Fentell homebuyer receives comprehensive information about all specifications and options available in their home prior to signing the agreement of sale. This information includes:

  • An Options Checklist – a guide to custom choices for personalizing your home
  • Detailed Specifications – a comprehensive list of the quality materials and construction techniques used in building our homes
  • A Selections Timetable – outline for buyers detailing when key decisions are necessary regarding custom features, finishes and appliances

Throughout the building phases, we conduct quality control inspections that are designed to ensure that the highest standards of construction are met or exceeded. Homebuyers will also have the opportunity to tour their home under construction to view the quality features that Fentell provides at the following construction intervals:

  • Pre-Drywall Inspection – provides an opportunity to meet with electrical and alarm contractors to plan for custom installation
  • Pre-Flooring Inspection – occurs just before carpeting is installed and allows homebuyers the opportunity to see most of the finished items in the house; color and material selections and custom installations.
  • Pre-Settlement Inspection – 3-5 days prior to settlement, following our own industry leading rigid internal inspection allowing us to make any final adjustments
  • Settlement Day Inspection – allows buyers the opportunity to see that all previously noted adjustments are complete

After settlement, a series of regular service and inspection visits provide assurance that every aspect of your new home will meet with your complete satisfaction. These visits include:

  • 30 Day Service – addresses adjustments which become apparent during the early stages of occupancy
  • 120 Day Service – allows sufficient time to be certain that all major operating systems, such as heating and air condition are working properly
  • One Year Service & Inspection – final evaluation of all major components; repair of items arising after 120 day service such as nail pops, settlement cracks, etc.